New City of Tulsa Trash Rules

New City Trash Rules

Here Come the Trash Nazis
(Agenda21 Enforcement Division)

Contributed By: Randy Harris

Ever wonder just what will be expected of customers under Tulsa’s new trash system. Here is a glimpse of trash and your future. I believe it is safe to say our cost will actually be more regardless of visions of grandeur and of course cheaper rates coming from the trash board. Remember, only the weekly or twice weekly pickup of the carts is included in the estimated cost. Everything else, like limbs, old appliances, etc. will be extra.

The ordinances will include provisions dealing with:

1. How long a resident’s trash and recycling carts can be left out (neighbors will become local spies)(You can bet there will be plenty of busy bodies)

2. Mandating that trash inside the carts must be bagged, but not recyclables (extra cost for more bags)

3. Detailing that the carts must face the street within a certain distance of the curb for collection.

4. Beginning Oct. 1, Tulsa will move to a volume-based system

5. Each household will be issued two carts: one for trash and one for recycling.

6. Recycling will not be mandatory (At least not now!)

7. Three different sizes of trash carts eventually will be available

8. The base service will have once-a-week collection. Twice-a-week pickup will be available at an extra charge

9. Green waste and bulky items will be collected under separate programs (Extra Charges)

10. Other ordinances include ones stipulating that customers must buy translucent bags for green waste (translucent means clear, see thru, etc)

11. Specifying how to adhere the stickers that people will buy for their overflow bags that will sit outside the carts (adhere means how to get stickers to stick to bags) (You must purchase stickers at extra cost)

12. Ordinance will prohibit the scavenging of recyclables from carts (City doesn’t want competition)(city claims ownership of recyclables)

13. The recyclables collected from customers will go toward helping fund the trash system and stabilizing rates, the city doesn’t want to have people going from house-to-house collecting the commodities for themselves (notice your trash is now their trash and it’s a commodity) (trash company and city are now a public private partnership ?)

14. Once finished, the ordinances and their related fines must go to the City Council for a vote. That is expected to happen in early summer. (Don’t like it, be there and tell them so!)

15. Expect cart delivery around July and a booklet about the new ordinances. (Did you catch that, new ordinances will be forth coming. After all, if we will have trash Nazis, they need at least some laws to enforce.)(Do you see bigger government in your, I mean our future?)

16. Solid Waste employees have been trained by the city prosecutor and given code enforcement authority to specifically deal with the trash-related ordinances.

PS: I do believe Agenda21 is in our future, Don’t know what Agenda21 is?
Click here to learn about Agenda21.

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