Why private investment won’t invest in aero space at airport

Contributed By: Randy Harris

On June 5th, 2012 Mike Neal of the Tulsa chamber of commerce was interviewed by Pat Campbell on KFAQ. The interview was in regards to the proposal for another tax on the citizens for facility up grades at the international airport. The excuse/reason given was that no aerospace employer would upgrade the facilities. When asked why no aerospace company would invest in the facilities at the airport the answer was very telling. Even though the return on investment would probably be in the billions according to Chamber President Mike Neal. Mike Neal said no private investment would happen because the facilities are owned by the public. In other words, because the facilities are owned by government. Did you catch that? Because the facilities are owned by government!

As long as the City of Tulsa insist on owning the facilities/buildings the tax payer can expect to have the burden of subsidizing American Airlines and just about any other industry which decides to locate at TIA! This is to be expected as who would invest in facilities when you don’t own them and the tax payer can be conned into paying for the upgrades. Essentially the City of Tulsa and the airport authority are in business and this is not the proper role of government!

Now to the crux of the problem. Authorities, boards and trust are not accountable to the public. Sound familiar?

It’s time to get government out of the business of business and return accountability of government to the voters!

Randy Harris

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