Excise Board Fails Taxpayers Again

In front of dozens of concerned citizens, the Excise Board today rubber stamped hundreds of millions of our tax dollars in less than an hour.

By a vote of 3-0, the Excise Board approved EVERY budget on the agenda without a single change or adjustment.

In fact, they were so determined to railroad these budgets through that they refused to allow ANY comments from the audience, even though I asked before the meeting for the opportunity to speak. During a “Discussion and Possible Action” agenda item, I was told that they must stick to the agenda to comply with the Open Meetings Law. Does the Open Meetings Law really require that public comment be forbidden?

The Excise Board is supposed to be the “check and balance” to protect the interests of taxpayers. Our interests certainly weren’t protected today!

You might need to print out the Agenda for today’s meeting in order to keep up with the pace of the rubber stamps.

Listen to the casual and cavalier way our hard-earned dollars are doled out.

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  1. JTL says:

    Yet another legacy, good ‘ol boy ‘commission’ that needs to be done away with. If they are only suppposed to ‘approve’ budgets and not review, question or line item things, then what’s the point? Keep pounding on this!

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