Who We Are…What We Do

Rally 8-28-2010

Rally 8-28-2010

We are Constitutional Conservatives, banded together as grassroots activists in the Tulsa area.  We participate in several different organizations, including Tulsa 912 Project, OK-SAFE, OKforTEA, R.O.P.E. (Restoring Oklahoma Public Education), Liberty Forge, and several others.

We are concerned about several national issues, including the following:

  • the size and scope of government,
  • the skyrocketing debt,
  • excessive and unfair taxes,
  • bailouts,
  • the Federal Reserve,
  • Quantitative Easing,
  • the destruction of the value of our dollar,
  • the high cost of oil and gas,
  • the collapse in housing and real estate,
  • the skyrocketing cost of food, energy, clothing, and other necessities,
  • the institutionalized unemployment and the lack of jobs,
  • the insolvency of Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security,
  • the movement to nationalize and socialize our Health Care,
  • the excessive regulation by agencies such as the EPA, the FCC, the FDA,
  • the inadequate control of our borders,
  • government encroachment on our rights under the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendments, and
  • several other well-known and lesser-known issues.

We’ve participated in rallies, both in Oklahoma and in Washington, D.C. We’ve participated in protests.  We’ve called, emailed, written, and visited our legislators and many other representatives.  We’ve made signs, called radio talk shows, and written to our local newspapers. We’ve worked on political campaigns, walked precincts, and participated in phone banks to “Get Out The Vote”.

In the past few months, however, we have turned most of our attention to State and local government, believing that much more attention, awareness, and accountability are needed closer to where we actually live and work.

The focus of Boondoggle Blog, therefore, will be State and local governmental units and the issues we feel need our attention. We will attend meetings of our School Boards, our City Councils, our County Commissioners, and our various Authorities and Boards. We hope to post videos of these meetings and provide commentary on the issues that arise which need public scrutiny.

We expect to post blogs about boondoggles (“useless work paid for with public money”), wherever and whenever we find them. We will also post blogs about issues and activities that are NOT boondoggles and deserve our support. We’ll try to be clear about which is which, and we welcome your comments and feedback when we get things wrong (or right).

This is a “team” effort, with numerous contributing bloggers and even more of us working behind the scenes researching, attending meetings, taking notes, and assembling the information you find here.

We acknowledge and thank the great people at American Majority for the inspiration to launch this “posse” blog and for the technical guidance and training that enabled us to begin.

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  1. Bob Russell says:

    Don, we need more focus on government at all levels. Thank you all for putting this together. I will let others know about your site so we can get more input from We the People. God Bless You and God Bless America

  2. Brian Nopper says:


    It was a pleasure meeting you this weekend at the Warrior Dash! You have an amazing family! I support your political cause 100%! Thank you for taking the initiative to help make this a better world for us and our children! Stay strong and keep fighting! God Bless!

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