Boondoggle Blog expects to stir some emotions and trigger some reactions. However, we must all agree to certain rules of civility for this Blog to be effective. The following guidelines will be applied “without mercy” to blogs and comments alike to ensure the integrity of this site.

1. Personal essays (“Vanity Posts”), chain letters, parodies, songs, poems, and unattributed diatribes are not permitted and will be removed.

2. Articles from hate groups are not allowed. For example, sites operated by such groups as KKK, Aryan Nation, American Nazi Party, Black Panthers, JDL, Hamas, and Spotlight among others that are anti-ethnic, anti-race, anti-religion, anti-nationality, etc. are not allowed. Sites not allowed will be blocked to the best of our ability.

3. We are not responsible for the content in any blog or comment. Unless the language used is objectionable or incites an extreme response, you are free to speak your mind.

4. Replies and comments must refer to the reference article on the page. Replies or comments on a thread that do not refer to its posted article will be removed. For example, if there is an article that addresses a particular issue, then all comments and replies on that article must address the same issue.

5. Users must obey U. S. Copyright Laws. Short quotes from copyrighted articles and web sites may be used in blogs and comments, but nothing more. It is always best to state your opinion in your own words.

6. Stay on Topic. Comments and replies must refer to the subject of the thread’s article.

7. Watch Your Language. Foul language and ersatz foul language that people use to get around dirty word filters (e.g., @sshole, F*%#, etc.) is absolutely not tolerated unless it is contained in a necessary quote or is relevant to the comment. If you can’t say your piece without cursing then you have nothing worthwhile to say. People who violate this rule will find themselves banished from the site.

8. “Chatting”. You may respond to other comments on a thread but you must address the comment’s author by Reply # and not by the poster’s screen name. The idea is to respond to or add information to that reply, in relationship to the theme of that thread. It is never to engage in a conversation with others.

9. Don’t Get Personal or Pick a Fight. Keep the comments to the issue(s)/topic(s) at hand. Only comment on the merits of another user’s post. Disagree, but avoid ad hominem attacks. Name-calling, derision, goading, baiting, and being impolite are not tolerated. If you can’t be civil, go to a different website.

10. “Screaming for Attention”. Do not post in ALL-CAPS, bold entire blocks of text, or use repeating characters (e.g., “…about the question in the article, my answer would be ‘noooooooooooooooooo’”).

11. “Serial Posting”. Do not post the same comment on multiple threads. Copying and pasting a comment into different threads will trigger the systems firewall protocols that guard against the “spamming” of threads.

12. HTML CODE. We do not allow “hot” URL links, but URL’s are allowed to be posted as long as they are on topic.

13. You can use bold or italics to emphasize a word or phrase or for quoted material. You may not use bold or italics for an entire comment/reply. This is considered “screaming for attention” just like using all-caps.

14. If you can’t be civilized, find another website.

15. Should we decide that an individual poster is in repeated violation of these rules, posting privileges for that poster will be rescinded.

16. Don’t type anything you would not say in your mother’s living room.

17. Violations of these rules will cause the posting to be deleted and the poster will be warned.

18. Repeated violations will cause the poster to be banned from the site.

19. Spam and advertising are not permitted in the comments area.

20. Please note that comments are reviewed by the editorial staff and may not be posted immediately.

21. If you feel your article, comment, or reply was filtered inappropriately, please email us at


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