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  1. Bob Russell says:


    Government of Of the People, by the People, and FOR the People, was the goal the founding fathers stated in the Declaration of Independence.
    OF the People: That’s us, the citizens, We the People that make up the land. We give power to government not the other way around. We make the decisions. We decide what is right and what is not. Now that we have begun to stand up and fulfill the responsibilities given to us by our founding fathers in the Constitution of the United States of America both political parties are running for cover, pointing fingers at each other, and making excuses for their lies, graft, and broken promises. They are trying to fool us with the same old teaberry shuffle that has always worked in the past. Our Constitution was given to us by God, and 56 men who risked everything, including their lives, to sign the Declaration of Independence. Many more suffered through a war, winning our freedom. Freedom wasn’t given out of the benevolence of King George, it was taken by We the People of that day, people who valued their freedom enough to die for it. They took on the responsibility of forging a nation through their efforts, through their possessions, and through their lives. They fought for the freedom OF THE PEOPLE, all the people.
    BY the People: It is incumbent upon the citizens of today, We the People, to restore our Constitution to its rightful place in government. It is up to us, We the People, to hold our elected representatives to the document that binds us together. This phrase doesn’t give us any rights, it gives us, you and me, the responsibility to get off our couches and get to work making the changes needed in our nation. Write letters, make phone calls, send faxes, meet with elected representatives when possible, attend TEA Party type events when possible, support and work for candidates who believe the way you believe. No one is asking us to die for our freedom, yet. You want your political party changed? Change it by getting involved yourself, don’t wait around expecting someone else to do it. It is not our right to do so; it is our responsibility to do so. America must be restored to its purpose and its greatness BY THE PEOPLE, all the people.
    FOR the People: This is the point where too many people fall off the Constitution. Far too many people look to this three word phrase as the point of our government’s existence. That is not the meaning of this phrase. This phrase refers to the responsibility of We the People, not government, to do these things for each other, to help one’s neighbors and relatives when in times of need. This means that we do what we do for the good of all. Now before anyone gets on the socialism bandwagon let me explain this little nugget. Our nation was based on the premise that everyone works to ensure the strength and wealth of the nation, not just some working and the rest sitting. We are all responsible for the condition of America. We are told by God in scripture that we are to look after our brethren but it also says that the man who does not work does not eat. Those who are truly unable to work should be provided for. That does not include a dislocated finger that makes it difficult to make a fist, or a drug user who can’t pass a drug test to get a job. It includes those truly unable to work. There are many “disabled” people who work rather than sit back and expect others to take care of them. There are organizations that employ those in wheel chairs, or people suffering from some form of mental deficiency. There are not enough of these jobs to provide for all of those who desire some form of work. And then we see all of those perfectly healthy, perfectly able to work people, drawing welfare checks because they are lazy. To accomplish this last phrase takes everyone, all of WE the People, following the premise of the first two phrases. Our nation is to prosper FOR THE PEOPLE, all the people.
    Our government doesn’t owe us anything other than what is provided for in our Constitution. It doesn’t owe us a living, a car, a house, food on the table, or free health care. “Obama money” and “Obama’s stash” are figments of the imagination of someone not intelligent enough to make their own decisions, and certainly not ambitious enough to go out and provide for themselves. What our government owes us is the freedom to prosper or not prosper depending on our work ethic and our desire to excel. Our government owes us the guarantee that our borders will be secure from invasion. Our government owes us the guarantee one state will not use tariffs against another state.
    The governors and legislative leaders of the various states need to get together and plan a policy to harvest our natural resources. Why let the federal government determine when, where, and how we provide, or not provide, for our energy needs? We the People can work together to make our nation strong fiscally and use the gifts God gave us to make our nation prosper once again.
    If we announced, and anyone believed us, that we would begin drilling next month in Alaska or in the Gulf of Mexico, and that we would access and refine our other known sources of American energy the price of a barrel of oil would plummet. Barak Obama gives Mexico $2 billion to drill in the same Gulf of Mexico where it is too dangerous for American companies to drill. Does that make any sense to you?
    George Soros buys millions of shares of Petrobas, Brazil’s oil company and Barak Obama gives Brazil $4 billion to drill in the same Gulf of Mexico where it is too dangerous for American oil companies to drill. Does that make sense to you? Obama tells the world that we want to be Brazil’s best customer, WHY? I want Brazil to be our customer, not us their customer.
    Why does Obama want to take the money we spend on gasoline, and other supplies derived from oil and send it to Brazil, and to his pal George Soros? Why does he put hundreds of thousands of well paid American oil workers out of work? More of the “recovery summer”? Oh, sorry, that was last summer. Now these oil workers sit at home drawing unemployment that amounts to a fraction of what they make when working while their jobs are being done by foreigners. How does this help the economic recovery that has been touted for the last 2 years? Have you seen a recovery, I haven’t?
    We are at a precipice and teetering. We the People spoke loudly and clearly in the November elections but it seems some have forgotten what it was that got them elected, and others are hoping to scuttle any progress so they can get back in control. These people wish to take us down the road to Third World banana dictatorship status ala Venezuela with Hugo Chavez.
    America is a strong nation, based on faith in God, and the willingness to work together to prosper. America prospered with the Greatest Generation because they stood on their faith in God. They took on the responsibility to work hard and be kind to those in need. Our nation survived the Great Depression because people helped each other. They pulled out of this depression by standing against tyranny and standing for freedom during World War II. They took on the responsibility to fight for the freedom that was being threatened by Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo. America’s women went to work in factories to do the jobs men left to go fight a war. Men left their safe jobs to put their lives in danger, and thousands died with many hundreds of thousands injured, for the right to continue to live in a free society.
    I see us going back there rapidly. I see many people standing up and getting involved, getting off their couches and doing what they can to save this nation for future generations to enjoy. I see many Americans, the We the People of today, picking up the mantle of responsibility to their nation, to their fellow citizens, to their founding fathers, to the future generations, and most importantly their responsibility to God. Their faith and reliance on Almighty God got the Greatest Generation through times tougher than anything I have seen in my lifetime. God will get us through also if we will look to Him, follow his guidelines, and do our part, fulfill our responsibilities, as He and our founding fathers designed.
    I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

    Bob Russell May 24, 2011

    • Don Wyatt says:

      While I agree with your arguments, I feel I need to point out that “of the People, by the People, and for the People” was not in the Declaration.
      These words first appeared, as far as I can determine, in the Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln.
      I firmly believe that the Founders would have agreed, however, even if they didn’t use the exact words.

      • Bob Russell says:

        I guess I could have worded that better. It was the concept I was trying to get across not the actual wording. I too believe that the concept was there and that was the point I was trying to make, that our nation was founded on the principles of We the People.

  2. Bob Russell says:

    Governor and Legislators, April 22, 2011
    I am writing about our nation’s current energy problems, including the cost of a gallon of gasoline. I hear Barack Obama talking about how America uses 25% of the world’s energy production yet has less than 3% of the known world reserves. These statements span somewhere from patently, mistakenly false to outright lies. Where his statements fall in that scale is irrelevant to my views as to how we remedy the problems of $5 plus gasoline and issues concerning electrical generation, home heating oil, and other power concerns. Arguing over his inane statements net us no results and I am interested in results for We the People of the United States of America.
    I did some research by putting “oil, natural gas, and coal reserves in the United States” into my search engine and came up with some information that is pertinent to our current energy crisis. According to the United States Geological Survey America has more than 70 hydrocarbon-bearing basins within our borders. The Congressional Research Service reports that United States gas, oil, and coal reserves, known reserves, are larger than Saudi Arabia, China, and Canada combined. The Survey reports that America has at least 163 billion barrels of recoverable oil in onshore basins alone, and a 90 year supply of natural gas. The coal reserves are much larger. When you take into consideration shale oil, off-shore fields, and the technology available via directional drilling, we can access much more fuel sources with much less impact on the surface environment than in the past. I have heard estimates that we currently have about 200 years worth of energy supplies based on current usage.
    Today there is much focus on “green” energy that is touted as the salvation of America. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have seen cost projections for the “wind energy” windmills. The windmills, with blades 90 feet long, cost $500,000 to build, with the necessary transmission lines to get the electricity to a power station running at $4 million per mile. How long does it take to generate enough revenue to make that cost effective? I haven’t been able to find much to show me wind power is cost effective on the scale needed to replace fossil fuels as energy sources. The highly touted ethanol requires, from the last numbers I have seen, $1.37 of gasoline to make $1.00 worth of ethanol. Not only are we losing money on this project, we are burning our food, not a smart decision to me. Solar energy is a future possibility but not in the near future. There will come a time when solar energy is much more useful, and more practical, but until then we need to rely on what is available in sufficient quantities to do the job required.
    The “environmental” issues also seem to be slanted. If you will take a good look at the Kyoto Protocol conference, you will find it to be more agenda driven than fact driven. For instance, the United States, Canada, and western free market societies are the targets of this document. Fossil fuel plants in America have very strict environmental rules that require “scrubbers” to catch pollutants rather than allow these pollutants to escape into the air. China, for instance, does not subscribe to the same concerns about the environment, or their citizens. Have you seen the pictures of Chinese citizens, or those in Mexico, wearing masks to protect them from the pollution? Have you seen any pictures of Americans required to wear such masks? The reason you don’t see this is that American industry is responsible, with our without government intervention. Their families and their employees live near the plants and they do care about the health of people and the environment.
    We also have the prospects of nuclear energy available. France currently gets from 70% – 80% of their electrical power from nuclear, depending on whose numbers you use. After the earthquake and tsunami in Japan nuclear energy is under attack. I understand the dangers of nuclear power but how many problems have we had with nuclear accidents? To my knowledge, there have only been 3 accidents over the last 40 or so years; Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Japan. Three Mile island was a non-event, Chernobyl was a result of poor design and construction due to a communist government that had no concern at all for people anywhere, and Japan was the result of poor location and an act of nature that can be avoided in the future by better placement of reactor plants. We have the technology to safely use nuclear energy, and we have the companies and people who will do their utmost to provide safety for those living near these reactors.
    The point of all of this is that the federal government is not only wrong in their stance on energy, but I believe they are also regulating energy harvest illegally. When you take a close look at The Constitution of the United States of America you will find no provision for the federal government to control the sources of fuel supplies. The EPA and other agencies constricting energy production are not legal entities according to our nation’s Constitution. These agencies are dictatorial fiefdoms. It is incumbent upon the governors and legislatures of the states to stand upon the 9th and 10th Amendments to restore America to the republic designed by our founding fathers.
    I have seen the state governments come together to fight Obamacare, with a great deal of success. The people of Oklahoma voted overwhelmingly to deny the federal government the right to impose their brand of control over our health system. Attorneys General of many states, I believe it is up to 33 or so now, have filed lawsuits to strike this law down as unconstitutional. These lawsuits have been upheld in 2 federal courts and will undoubtedly get to the U S Supreme Court eventually. I applaud the governor and legislature of Oklahoma for standing with We the People and rejecting provisions, and the money, which would have put Oklahomans under the thumb of the federal government’s unlawful takeover of health care. Other states, most recently Utah, have also rejected Obamacare.
    States have begun to unite in their opposition to unlawful usurpations of power by the federal government and energy is another field that needs to be governed by the states. The energy issues affect the people of the states, not those in Washington D C. They don’t pay their utility bills, tax payers pay them. It is time for the governors and state legislatures to get together and work out plans to combine efforts and finances to allow companies to come in and harvest the energy sources provided by God for our benefit. We need agreements between the states to pool resources for energy development and share the benefits according to the investment. We have the fuel resources, we have the technology to safely harvest them, we have the technology to safely refine them, and we have the technology to safely distribute them.
    It is also time to tell the courts to get back into line, according to their Constitutional responsibilities. Judges have for many years gone beyond their rights as listed in the Constitution, resulting in legislating from the bench instead of following the law of the land. When judges step outside the bounds of their Constitutional power and responsibilities it is incumbent upon the citizens, and their representatives in state government to put them back in their place. We, as citizens, with the provisions made by our founding fathers, have the right and the responsibility to tell any branch of government that they are out of line and that we will not adhere to their dictates.
    Our current and future economic situation depends on us carrying out the responsibilities our founding fathers gave us in the formation of our nation. As an individual I can only do so much. We the People need the elected officials of the states to take up the responsibilities given to them by our Constitution, through We the People. You, the governor and legislators must stand up for our rights, for the rights of the states, and for the betterment of our nation. We are all in this together and we will all sink or swim based upon the actions taken in the near future. We depend on you to do your part as you depend on us to do our part. The American people will stand with you for freedom and Constitutional law. If we work together we can once again make America the strongest, most secure nation in the world. We will be strong economically and have the energy resources we need to grow and prosper, rather than send our wealth and strength to countries that hate us and desire nothing more than seeing America fall into banana republic status.
    My question to you today is: What will you do? Will you stand up and take the reins of freedom, and stand with the citizens of your state, of your nation? Will you work with the elected officials of other states to put together a viable plan to restore America to energy and fiscal independence? Will you stand on the 9th and 10 Amendments to bring our nation back to the status it once held in the world? Will you stand with We the People against a federal government that is out of control and trying to usurp the authority given them by our founding fathers and the God who guided them? I hope your answers to these questions will find you with the courage to do what is in the best interests of our nation as a whole, One nation UNDER GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
    I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.
    In God We Trust,

    Bob Russell
    423 N. Choctaw
    Claremore, Ok.

  3. Bob Russell says:

    Fellow Patriots,

    Please watch this video and listen very carefully to what Gen. Boykin says and they read my post.

    Fellow Patriots, May 30, 2001 (ctrl and left mouse button to open)
    On this Memorial Day stop for a moment and give thanks for those willing to die for your freedom.
    I write today urging you to watch the attached video and listen very carefully to what General Boykin says. I am also a former Special Forces soldier. I was a member of the 7th Special Forces Group, 1968-1971. The 7th’s main area of operation was Central and South America. We dealt with communist insurgencies in many countries. Communist, Marxist, Statist, and Socialist are all interchangeable terms. It does not matter what label you put on them, their goal is the same in every case, the subjugation of a nation and its people.
    Our mission was to equip and train government forces fighting against communist insurgencies, or to equip and train anti-communist rebels fighting to overthrow communist governments. I cannot go into details about where, when, or who but suffice it to say that the training I received , and our mission, was designed to not only fight physical and psychological warfare but also to teach others how to do so.
    I know from first hand experience that everything Gen. Boykin says is true. I was trained in counter insurgency techniques, including how they operate, what military and psychological tactics they use, and how they subvert the social system of any country to take over and subjugate the people of that country. I was also taught how to overcome those tactics and to present a way of life that highlights freedom and self-determination. Our mission was to stop the growth of communism anywhere we found it.
    Nationalizing everything under the sun is a prime goal of Marxism. They take control of every aspect of society under the auspices of making life better for the “downtrodden”. The story sounds good, some have more than they deserve and others have less than they deserve. They will tell the populace how they can make life “more fair” for society in general. What they do is gain control of everything and then a very small group of people decide who gets what. The who is their cadre of friends and cohorts, the what is everything. Have you heard of “a matter of fairness” in the United States government and media?
    Look at what is going on today. Unfortunately the general population of the nation, the We the People of any country, does not come out on top by any stretch of the imagination. What you find is that a very small group lives very well (government employees, and politicians & friends) and the rest of the population, including those who used to be middle income, become destitute. The problem is that the very poor have not been made richer. Those who were very poor to start with find themselves with even less than they had before but without any way to protest their poverty. Does anyone remember what happened in Tiananmen Square when poor people protested about their poverty? Does the term run over by tanks sound familiar? History tells us what happened to those who protested against Hitler or Stalin. Do you think Cubans are better off today after overthrowing Batista? He was a despot and needed to go but what they got is no better than what they had. They didn’t get freedom they got another despot. How is Venezuela doing under president for life Chavez? I don’t see the people there contending for richest in the world.
    The Democrat Party, with help from way too many Republican, essentially nationalized the auto companies by giving them stimulus money. Who benefited, the stockholders? No, the unions benefited, a case of cronyism over the populace. When they took over GM and Chrysler, the shareholders got about a dime on the dollar while the unions got 100% benefits. Their friends came out good, their enemies, We the People, lost.
    Look at the situation in the banking industry and Wall Street. How many big banks that were “too big to fail” got billions in taxpayer funds while your home value and your stock values plummeted? Look at how many retired people lost up to 80% or more of their savings, money they had put back for their retirement so they would not have to look to a broke social security system for their golden years. Look at AIG, a company that got billions to prop them up. What happened to that money? If you will do some looking you will find that most of the money wound up in foreign banks in The United Arab Emirates, Oman, and several other countries. Your money went to Arab nations, and for what? How many Wall Street and big bank executives took a beating when the economy tanked? Have you seen the figures on the bonuses they received? Have you looked at where these executives and companies send their campaign donations? Have you heard about the proposed 90% tax on those bonuses? Was that proposal ever implemented or was it bluster over substance to cover political tracks? Cronyism over the populace again rears its ugly head. Socialism/Marxism at its finest shines in the bank bailouts.
    Next he mentions the tactic of discrediting their opposition. The memorandum he mentions is real, not a figment of his imagination or some out-there conspiracy theory. Homeland Security actually labeled veterans, those like myself who have served the United States of America honorably, as a terror threat. They also labeled anyone belonging to any gun rights organization, the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, or the National Association for Gun Rights, for instance, as right wing terrorists. I belong to all of these organizations but consider myself a patriot, not a terrorist. The memorandum never mentions the groups that set off a bomb in the parking garage of the World Trade Center in 1993, blew up the USS Cole, the Khobar Towers, the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, flew planes into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and the Flight 93 plane that was diverted thanks to the actions of heroes who gave their lives to save people they didn’t know. No, the Flight 93 disaster was averted by those who DHS would today call terrorists. I call those brave men heroes, patriots. But to Obama, Holder, and Napolitano they would be classified as terrorists.
    Censorship? He is correct that most of the media is in the pocket of those who would subjugate us. Has anyone noticed the difference in FOX News reporting in the last few months? I have heard that a Saudi prince bought 17% of FOX last summer. I have not verified if this is true or not but I really don’t care. The point is that FOX no longer reports the news the same way they used to. The reason for the change does not matter to me, only the fact that they are no longer what I consider a reliable source of news. I stopped watching Bill O’Reilly several months back. He seems to be more interested in what Lady Gaga is doing than what Barak Obama is doing. Sean Hannity berates Obama but he won’t stand up to the RINO’s in the Republican Party and seems to have become more interested in the “entertainment” side of programming than truth. None of them will touch the birth certificate issue and have gone out of their way to dismiss the “birther” claims. The only one with any semblance of credibility to me is Glenn Beck and they are running him off when his contract expires in December. He has put a happy face on it because of loyalty to Roger Ailes. Ailes gave Beck a chance when no one else would do so and Beck feels a great deal of loyalty to Ailes.
    Hate crime legislation: He is correct on this issue also. Pastor John Hagee is fighting against those who would shut him up but he has the finances to do so. How many churches can afford to defend the myriad of lawsuits and criminal charges if they speak biblical truth openly and plainly? Pastors have been silenced by the IRS with the threat of losing their tax exempt status, and prison sentences. I believe they should speak out anyway but most won’t. I am not in a pulpit so I can only disagree with tolerating this, I don’t have the position to fight the IRS on these grounds. Truth is the enemy of Marxism and they will go to any means to stifle the truth. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a pastor, stood up to Adolf Hitler on the same grounds and died in a Nazi concentration camp.
    Gun Rights: Look at the efforts to rid law abiding citizens of their means to defend themselves. While Democrats are constantly trying to outlaw firearms for citizens they do nothing to stop crime. Every dictator in history has first disarmed the people to insure they cannot rise up against tyranny. Our government is no different. Let me give you an example of their stealth moves in the name of “crime fighting”. Does Operation Gunrunner sound familiar? If not let me clue you in. Arizona gun dealers reported suspected “straw purchases” to BATFE as required by federal law. They were told to let the buyers walk and BATFE would follow the guns to see where they wound up. A few months ago a border patrol agent was killed with one of these guns. And what was the reaction of the Obama administration? They want more gun control laws. When the truth came out so did the spin machine. The obama machine wants to shut these dealers down for “violating” laws regarding reporting of firearm purchases. A little ironic don’t you think?
    Hillary Clinton says 90% of the crime in Mexico is committed with guns illegally purchased in the United States through “the gun show loophole”. This is a total lie but once again they cannot let the truth interfere with the implementation of tyranny. A video I saw of captured weapons in Mexico included M-79 grenade launchers, M-60 machine guns, Claymore mines, 60 mm mortars, and more. I often attend gun shows and can guarantee that none of those items are sold at gun shows in Oklahoma. I can’t speak for other states.
    Obama also wants his own private army, pledging allegiance to him not the Constitution, and has made provisions for that army in the obamacare bill, passed by bribery and arm twisting. Does anyone remember Hitler’s Brown Shirts or the terror brought by the Gestapo? Have you heard about the Marine shot 60 times in his own home by Tucson SWAT members a few weeks ago? The premise was a drug raid, what they call a “no knock” entry. No drugs or paraphernalia were found and a veteran of two combat tours in Afghanistan is dead, murdered by police. They accomplished what muslim terrorists could not accomplish. Brown shirts, Gestapo?
    Please watch and listen to the video very carefully. Send this to everyone you know. I am sending this to people I don’t normally send e-mails to, people that I know don’t want to hear about this, because it is important that everyone hears it. Our very freedom is teetering on the brink of extinction and we must get this information to as many people as possible. We the People, and our nation, are not finished yet but will be if we don’t turn things around very soon. Our children and grandchildren, the future generations, are depending on us to act now to save them from tyranny. The “Greatest Generation” suffered a great deal, and thousands died, to leave my generation a free nation. I will not sit back and allow my heirs to inherit anything less, will you?
    Now to the real problem: What do we do to turn this around? First and foremost PRAY. Every morning we pray 2 Chronicles 7:14, “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and will turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear them from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land”. My wife and I pray for our nation, our leaders, our military, their families, our family, and a host of other issues every day.
    We must also get involved. Prayer is a key component but it is the starting point not the finish line. Elected officials must hear from us on a regular basis. Those who aren’t sure how or what to write have assistance available. If you receive this but have not received messages from me before, send me an e-mail and I will put you on my letter writing partner list. I will send you everything I write for you to use as you wish. Letters I write are for the use of We the People. You are welcome to sign your name and send to your elected officials as is or edit to suit yourself. God has given me a gift to share with others. I believe God sees the issues here and is looking for people with the honor, integrity, and courage to stand up for His values and His righteousness, the sources of our freedom. I will not only stand up, I will help you to have your voice heard if you need and/or desire my help.
    Attend TEA Party rallies when you can. Meet with your state and federal elected officials when possible. If they have the courage to hold a Townhall type meeting, attend and have your voice heard. Please share this message with others. Many want to wait until violence is the only answer but I see that as a lose/lose option. Those nations who wait that long usually trade one despot for another. Our founding fathers were a unique group at a unique time in history. They gave us the guide for a free and prosperous nation. All we have to do is to take our country back to those principles and stand strong on individual responsibility, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. You have an opportunity now to stand for freedom, will you take that opportunity?
    I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.
    Bob Russell
    Claremore, Oklahoma
    May 30, 2011

  4. Bob Russell says:

    Fellow Patriots, after doing research on Operation Gunrunner dn its offspring Fast and Furious I sent this letter to Washington asking for action to be taken to uphold the law as it pertains to We the People.

    Sen. Grassley, Rep. Issa, June 3, 2011
    I am writing about the controversy over the BAFTE and “Project Gunrunner”. I have discovered quite a lot about this operation in my research. I have read about the illegal activities and the deaths involved, including that of Border patrol Agent Brian Terry on December 10, 2010 in a remote area near Nogales, Arizona. I don’t know how much information you have on this so I will let you know what I know and hope that, as the members of Congress investigating this matter, you have more information than I have. The gun dealers involved in this reported the suspected straw purchases to the BAFTE, as required by federal law, and were told to let them walk so the guns could be traced to crimes in Mexico. The guns were never traced and this was only discovered because one of the guns was left at the scene of the shootout with the border patrol agents that resulted in the death of Agent Terry.
    Hillary Clinton runs all over the world decrying the “gun show loophole” and claiming that guns bought at gun shows and dealers like the ones in Arizona are the cause of the violence in Mexico. We all know that this is a huge lie to impose their brand of Marxist tyranny upon We the People of the United States of America. I believe the number she claims is 90% of the guns used in crimes come from gun dealers in the United States. You and I all know, as does Hillary, that this is an absolute lie but she spouts it anyway.
    According to Darren Gil, the agency’s attaché in Mexico City, he was not informed of this operation nor was anyone in the Mexican government. Mr. Gil was forced to resign and claims that the authority for this operation came from the BATFE director and the Justice Department, headed by Eric Holder. When Mr. Gil found out about an unusually high number of guns captured by Mexican authorities being traced back to Phoenix, he asked for information. He told CBS in an interview that the meetings in which he challenged his superiors about the operation turned into shouting matches and he was instructed to continue to keep his Mexican counterparts in the dark about the operation.
    BATFE agent John Dodson was also attempting to use the “whistleblower” statutes to reveal this illegal operation but was thwarted by a lack of response from superiors who refused to answer e-mails and telephone calls. Agent Dodson told CBS that his superiors told him that “if they were going to make omelets that they had to break some eggs”. It is a shame that one of those “eggs” that had to be broken was Brian Terry. All the time this was going on the administration was using the violence in Mexico as an excuse to attempt to subvert the 2nd Amendment and restrict law abiding citizens from owning firearms in violation of the Constitution.
    Barak Obama and Eric Holder both claim to be ignorant of this operation but are they not responsible for the actions of the bureaucrats that they appoint to office? I believe they not only knew about this operation but also either conceived it or approved it. This action rises to the level of conspiracy to violate numerous laws, violations that would land me a very long prison sentence if I committed them. Am I to assume that it is permissible for the President of the United States, the Attorney General of the United States, and the Director of the BATFE to enter into a conspiracy to violate firearms laws and the Constitution? If I am bound by these laws certainly the top law enforcement officer of the nation and his boss, the president, should be subject to these same laws.
    I ask you to do your duty as the members of Congress investigating this matter to file charges and order the arrest of Barak Obama, Eric Holder, and the Director of the BATFE Kenneth Melson for murder in the death of Agent Terry, conspiracy to violate firearms laws, conspiracy to cover up this illegal action, and treason for conspiracy to intentionally violate the provisions of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. As a law abiding citizen of the United States, I cannot stand by and allow the very highest officers in this nation to flagrantly violate the law, and neither can you.
    The continued obfuscation and cover-up of this operation is a matter of grave concern to all people who wish to live in a free Republic. If these men are allowed to escape justice for their actions what does that say about the rule of law in our land? What does it say to people like myself who obey the law and do our best to make this country great? If this goes unpunished does it mean that I can do as I wish and ignore any law that is inconvenient to me? That seems to be what Obama, Holder, Melson, and others have done, ignore the very law they swore to uphold. What kind of example does that set for others if they are above the law and are allowed to do as they please because they are better than I?
    I guess my question to you is will you do what is called for by law or will you sit around and wring your hands and do nothing? Will you do your duty as officers of the federal government to uphold the law and the Constitution or will you sit back and hold hearings that gain no information, and let this slide so as to not make waves? Do you have the courage to stand on law and order or will you turn a blind eye to evil and corruption? The whole nation is looking for elected officials who will stand by their oath of office and represent the Constitution and We the People of the United States of America, a quality that seems to be in very short supply these days. Will you be the ones we are looking for to show true leadership and integrity or will you be another cog in the wheel of that corruption? I know members of Congress aren’t very good at answering letters but I would very much appreciate an answer to this one. I think the American people deserve an answer to the questions I have posed here. Are you truly servants of the people?
    I am sending this letter to Sen. Charles Grassley, Sen. Tom Coburn, Sen. Jim Inhofe, Sen. Harry Reid, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Rep. Dan Boren, Rep. John Boehner, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and Rep. Darrell Issa.
    I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

    In God We Trust,

    Bob Russell
    423 N. Choctaw
    Claremore, Ok. 74017-7246

  5. Bob Russell says:

    Rep. Pelosi, June 6, 2011
    I am writing about the disgusting activities of Rep. Anthony Weiner over the last week. No, I am not speaking of his lewd behavior and the pictures and messages he has sent to young women all over the country, as bad as those are coming from a member of Congress, the Honorable Rep. Anthony Weiner. I am writing instead, about his lies, denials, and false accusations made in the time since this came to light.
    It seems I remember you making statements in which you promised to “drain the swamp” that is Congress as soon as you took charge of the House of Representatives, that the “culture of corruption” would be a thing of the past. It is now 5 years later and what do we have? Charles Rangel has been “pardoned and excused” by your swamp draining project for his tax evasion, the illegal actions of Maxine Waters in relation to the bank her husband is an officer of have been swept under the rug, and now we have this episode involving another of your party, among many other illegal, immoral, or unethical activities.
    The attitudes and the actions of members of your party have been at least as bad, if not worse, than that of the Republicans. Rep. Weiner should be expelled immediately for his actions. Not for the lewd activities as much as the lies, deceit, and false accusations against others that he claimed “hacked into his accounts”. Is there no moral compass in Congress at all? The lewd behavior is enough to gag any decent person but the lies and false accusations go way beyond the pale when it comes to duplicity and a lack of character.
    I noticed that members of Congress have the title “Honorable” before their names in their official title. I wonder if you can show me where “Honorable” fits into the actions of Rep. Weiner in this situation. Honorable suggests that he would resign for the lewd behavior alone, but to stand up before the nation and say that he is “sorry” but will not resign is the ultimate in arrogance and hypocrisy. If he was truly ashamed of his behavior he would resign like any “honorable” person would do and put an end to this travesty. Instead he stands there defiantly and tells We the People that what he has done is excusable and that a mere apology is enough. It is not enough for me nor is it enough for any but the most rabid of partisan voters.
    You are the leader of the Democrat Party in the House of Representatives. It is past time for you to stand up and act like you have some honor, even if your subordinates do not. It is time for you to demand his resignation for the good of the nation. You stated just a few days ago that you think that We the People of the United States are ready for Democrats to once again take control of the House of Representatives. Are you living in the real world? I don’t think that this situation speaks very well of Democrats , or the chances of gaining control of the House, when Rep. Weiner can stand there and thumb his nose at the citizens of America and act like this is no big deal. It may be just another “indiscression” to you but it is a major display of the arrogance and lack of character that is all too pervasive in the federal government, and particularly in the Democrat Party. Democrats seem to think that just because Bill Clinton got away with his “indiscression” that we don’t care about how members of the government act. That could not be further from reality and if you cannot see that then you are also unfit to be in Congress.
    The citizens of the United States are tired of our elected representatives acting as if they are some kind of royalty who have no responsibility to moral or ethical behavior. I can guarantee you that We the People take a whole different view of “Your Highnesses”. We are coming for you and we are coming soon. If you thought November 2010 was a big deal, just wait until November 2012. This kind of behavior will not longer be tolerated and we will continue to “clean the swamp” until all of you are gone. We will have the kind of government we deserve by voting all of you out of office. We will no longer accept Rep. Weiner, Rep. Rangel, Rep. Waters, and their ilk making a mockery of our nation. At lease when Republicans behave in this manner they are forced to resign by their “leaders”.
    If you think you have any chance of taking control again I suggest you start by forcing Anthony Weiner to resign and show us you mean what you say. Words are cheap and all we see from your party is cheap talk, abysmal behavior, and lies. Will you at least try to get some honor back into your subordinates by insisting that Rep. Weiner resign or will you just go along with business as usual until we drain the swamp of all vestiges of your ilk? It is time for you to show the American people where your values and loyalties are placed. Do you feel any responsibility to the honor and dignity of Congress or do you just see yourself as the cover-up person and enabler of the continued decline of the status of members of Congress? Is an 11% approval rating not bad enough to suit you?
    I may not be able to vote you out of office directly but I can do my utmost to see that you have no allies from my state to help you continue this sordid behavior by members of your party. The ball is in your court, what will you do with it?
    I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.
    In God We Trust,

    Bob Russell
    423 N. Choctaw
    Claremore, Ok.

  6. Bob Russell says:

    I am sending this to Obama and members of Congress tomorrow. Feel free to share with family, friends, and your congressional delegation


    Mr. Obama, June 8, 2011
    I just read your comment after your meeting with Angela Merkel that the economic problems in Greece are a “headwind hitting our economy”. NO, WRONG AGAIN, Mr. Obama. The headwind you feel is We the People, the citizens of this nation, screaming “NOOO!!!!!!!!” at the tops of our voices. This is just another lame excuse for failure. Or are you failing? Maybe this is on purpose?
    You stated that Greece must make structural changes and add “transparency”. Sorry, had to take a moment to stop choking. I understand the meaning of the word transparency. According to Webster’s dictionary the word means see-thru, out in the open. The political meaning of transparency is “hide everything. They must find no evidence”. “Lie, stall, deny, it will fade into history and we can go on with business as usual”. Fancy words and slogans don’t impress as many of us as you might like to think.
    You said that a default by Greece would be “disastrous” for our economy. You are borrowing 43 cents of every dollar you are spending and you want to raise the debt limit. We the People owe $534,000 per household for money politicians have borrowed and wasted, not spent. The unfunded liabilities, the money held out of my paychecks (for 45 yrs.) for my retirement and then wasted by politicians, amount to just over $61 trillion. And you want to spend billions to prop up the Greek government!!! How many times, how many ways do we have to say it? “This is not acceptable to We the People”. “NOOO!!!”
    You also mentioned that you are “neutral” in the decision on who will head the International Monetary Fund. I understand your position in this matter completely. While you are brilliant, you are still not smart enough or dependable enough for George Soros to let you handle that aspect of control. He will handle the world’s money, and leave destroying our economy to you.
    How is life in the White House? Millions of people in America are unemployed and you have a fine state dinner for Angela Merkel. How much did that cost? How much am I paying for your “state dinner”? Our “state dinner” consisted of two home made, home cooked hamburgers, chips, and iced tea.
    Why does Angela Merkel receive an award designed to honor a citizen of the United States of America for outstanding service to the United States? Do we not have any deserving citizens who have sacrificed their time, money, and efforts to make this nation better? What exactly has Angela Merkel done to deserve this award? Has she spent time raising money and materials for care packages for our troops overseas? Has she escorted our fallen soldiers at their funerals as the Patriot Riders have, given solace to the families of our brave soldiers who have given their lives for freedom? Has she been out in the communities helping with the clean-up after the tornados in Joplin and Oklahoma City? Has she been helping sandbag the homes along the Mississippi River that face major floods that you ignore? Did she help the victims that were flooded when you ordered levees blown up in order to save New Orleans? Did she help with the tornados that devastated the southeastern states a few months ago? What has she done for the United States? Where are the true heroes that have helped out in the events I listed, and many others?
    I can tell you where they are. They are either still there working to help those unfortunate people who lost everything, and in many cases loved ones, or they are back home doing the jobs they do every day to support their family and hope they don’t fall prey to your continued economic policies. They are the same people who help out in their communities, not being “community organizers” but community servants, truly helping the less fortunate in their midst’s. They aren’t sitting at fancy dinners with the king and queen, they are doing the work of God in the community like true American patriots.
    Before you go out there making declarations to the world about OUR money you might take a moment to think about those of us eating hamburgers instead of lobster, hot dogs instead of steak. You might think about those of us who are working to return this once great nation to where it should be, where it was designed to be, and where it will be again, a Republic based on God, the rule of law, righteousness, and the Constitution of the United States of America.
    I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

    In God We Trust,

    Bob Russell
    423 N. Choctaw
    Claremore, Ok.

  7. Bob Russell says:


    When Barak Obama was running for the office of the President of the United States of America he promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. He never went into any details about how he was going to accomplish this task but we could be assured that he could and would do so.
    I just saw an interesting video on Government Gone Wild ( that explains why our nation is suddenly doing “so well”. I am not educated in economics. Actually, I only have a high school diploma, so pardon me if I can’t understand how this works. My paltry educational career does not allow me the background to keep pace with the genius of Barak Obama, or with the other brilliant minds in the administration and Congress.
    He also promised to “create jobs” for those of us who need jobs. Thank you, Mr. Obama, for having such concern for me and my compatriots. Government Gone Wild listed several ways in which Obama, and the members of both political parties in Congress, has gone about “saving” our economy. They didn’t list the 30+ czars, or the bureaucracy that goes with each one, so I am going to stick with commenting on the list of accomplishments that was covered in the video. I have attached the video so you can watch it for yourself.
    The facts I am about to share with you from the Government Gone Wild video are not entirely the fault of Barak Obama. This has been going on under both political parties for many years and both parties have used the government dole to entrench themselves in power and influence during the current “recession”. They have used the taxes they take by force from working class people to buy the votes of unions, those who are either too lazy to work, and those who have figured out how to game the system for their own benefit, not by “helping the poor”. We have had a Democrat controlled Congress since 2006, and a Democrat president since 2008. Mix in “moderate” Republicans since 2004 and we have the current disaster. Conservative policies have not been used for several years, and here we are.
    The issue here is that Obama promised to stop this, just as Nancy Pelosi promised to “drain the swamp” of Congress when the Democrats took over control in 2006. Neither did what they promised to do, as is usually the case with politicians. They make grand promises to get elected, without any intentions of actually solving the problems. In 2009 the private sector workers in America had pay and benefit packages averaging $61,000. Government employees averaged $123,000, just over twice that of the private sector compensation. Federal employees numbered 21,300,000 or 16% of the work force in America. As stated by GGW, when you include spouses of these employees you are looking at a voting block of 32% owing their lifestyle to politicians. In the last decade private sector employment grew by 1% while government employment grew by 15%. Here we find government employee compensation packages, union employees mostly, being twice that of the private sector and the growth rate of government employment 15 times that of the private sector.
    So let me stop here and put some perspective on the information covered in the last paragraph. This tells me that 15 times as many employees are making twice as much as those who pay them, We the People, the taxpaying citizens. And they make up at least 16% of the voting block, and probably 32 % as surmised by Government Gone Wild. I do not personally know of any married couple in my circle of friends that will vote that differently. They may have some minor differences in opinions, but career and financial security is quite an incentive to vote a particular way. So, we have 15 times as many employees making 2 times as much as their bosses, We the People. I have heard the stories of government employees barely making ends meet with a paltry pay rate and I do not doubt that there are many cases in which this is absolutely true, but those are the ones the politicians and their union allies trot out every time this discussion comes up.
    The next little tidbit they bring out in the video is the rate of “promotions” in federal government employee circles. When this recession started, the Department of Transportation, another unnecessary bureaucracy, had 1 employee making more than $170,000. Today, this same bureaucracy that has destroyed jobs and wasted billions has 1,690 employees with $170,000+ compensations packages. Now you look at this difference only and it sounds shocking, but do you know how much money that is EVERY YEAR? $287,130,000. That is $287 million, per year, at the very minimum, for the pay increases, that is additional money, of one pay scale in one government department. And these are the people who sit around and make up regulations, like deciding the size and font of the street signs on your street.
    Now to the Defense Department. We need more money for Defense? When the current recession began, the Defense Department had 1868 employees making $150,000 or more, in pay and benefit, total compensation. Today there are 10,100 in this category. We do know a little more about some of the downstream here. The number of Defense Department employees making $100,000 or more has doubled in the last 10 years. The video did not give raw numbers but when I look at this I am thinking that, as you go down the line you have more people involved at various levels. The Director of a bureaucracy will have staff members; each Assistant Director will have a staff and a pyramid style network of employees as you go down the line. Most people are familiar with a “chain-of-command ladder” so by the time you get to the second level we would be looking at a 1-2 ratio, and more likely 1-3 ration. That comes to an increase of 8,232 employees at the $15 K level, which comes to $1,234,800,000 or $1.235 trillion per year, in added pay for bureaucrats. We can surmise there are at least 16,464 employees now making over $100,000 ($1,646,400,000 or $1.65 trillion per year). I wonder what has happened on down the food chain, and how far down it goes. How many other employees received substantial pay and benefit increases that aren’t covered here? And they borrow more money.
    We are outraged about these numbers, the $287 million per year or the combined $4 trillion per year in new wages for the top levels of bureaucracy in the Department of Defense, as bad as it is, but we never hear about the downstream effects on the use of our money, that they take by force. And I say that not as “hate speech” but rather as practicality. Does anyone out there pay taxes voluntarily? I don’t know anyone who is rushing to pay as much to government as they can, especially those running the government. “Here, take my money so I can’t provide for my family”!! I don’t know anyone like that. Let’s see, “pay my taxes or go to jail and lose everything I have worked for”, sounds like force to me. And I am not in Congress, or a government unionized employee, so I do have something to worry about.
    I don’t know where all of that Defense Department compensation money goes but I know where it doesn’t go!!! It doesn’t go to those who are risking their lives every day. Those who spend every other year in a combat zone, in a country whose natives hate us. They risk life and limb every day, and in their time at home, being fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, or when they have served and come home to resume life, their government refers to them as potential terrorists and a danger to America.
    Government has grown into a monster of waste and corruption. Barak Obama has a great deal of culpability in this but he isn’t alone. Another 4 years of him will bring disaster but he isn’t alone in this scam. I wonder if all of those Republicans who want to spend more on defense are aware of the figures brought out by Government Gone Wild. I wonder how many taxpaying citizens understand just what these numbers mean. It means every household in the nation is over $500,000 in debt to foreign governments who hate us. The word FREEDOM isn’t in their vocabulary.
    This isn’t the end of the story, it is the beginning. The video by Government God Wild did not mention the 30+ Czars, the EPA, OSHA, Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Education, and on and on and on. It also does not cover the money we dole out in “foreign aid” to the U N, Cuba, China, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, etc. Today I hear Obama is pledging my tax dollars to save Greece from financial collapse. HELLO???????????
    Our nation and our freedom are in great peril. Many people have begun paying attention and becoming active in the political system, as voters, as candidates, donors, and as campaign workers. The “Silent Majority” is no longer silent and as more information comes out from reports like this more people are listening and speaking out.
    Fortunately this is not a partisan problem. This is a problem of a wasteful and overbearing government hurting, and trying to subjugate, the entire nation. The common people, We the People, are speaking out and uniting behind a common cause, FREEDOM. The TEA Party movement is uniting people in a way that is encouraging to me.
    We need grassroots candidates and we need to give them our support. GOOOH, led by Tim Cox, is going throughout the nation recruiting men and women to run for the House of Representatives. Those in leadership of both parties in both houses of Congress are doing this to us. Paul Ryan is trying to stop the slide. Rand Paul tried to protect our 2nd and 4th Amendments with amendments to the misnamed “Patriot Act” but got nowhere, even within his own party.
    It is up to us, We the People, to turn our nation around. We can’t just continue to vote for a party. We need candidates who can’t be intimidated, who can’t be “co-opted” as Trent Lott said after the November elections. And then we need to get behind these people and support them financially and physically, not just vote for the candidate the media offers us. Big name, big draw candidates are great for raising money but then we get the same thing we have had, Ivy League lawyers telling us how stupid we are. Republican inside-the beltway-types don’t have a clue, nor do they seem to care too much for anything but their “political careers”. The ruling class, of both parties, has done nothing for its citizens. They have grown the size of government for the last 8 years, at least, for their benefit, not ours.
    I, for one, am not buying the latest “the economy is worse than we thought” garbage they are beginning to toss out there for gullible people to latch onto. This is only the latest attempt to scam taxpaying citizens into believing politicians care about us. The economy isn’t worse than I thought it was. Am I to assume that I understood the gravity of our economic situation over the last eight to ten years when all of these Ivy League educated “geniuses” did not? What does that say about a college education? I don’t feel near as uneducated or as stupid as they seem to think I am.
    We need to make our voices heard every day. We need to get behind candidates that will represent We the People, not the Republican Party, not the Democrat Party. We need real Americans, grassroots Americans, in charge to look out for the Constitution and the freedom it provides. We need to find someone who we can believe in and get behind, at all levels of government, and help them. I have found 3, one is running for President, one is serving in the state House, and the other hasn’t yet said if he will run for congress again but I am hopeful.

    I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.
    In God We Trust,
    Bob Russell
    Claremore, Oklahoma
    June 9, 2011

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